These Instructions are for Windows Computers only!

Will take approximately 20-40 minutes.

1. Hold The Windows Key and R an the same time.

2. A box should come up. Type “cmd” in the box without the quotes. Then Press enter.

3. When the black box appears, copy and paste the following command into the box. Then press enter.

wmic os get osarchitecture

4. Whatever response comes up write it down or remember it.

5. Press the following link on your computer

6. Download and run the installer. Click through the setup.

7. Next, Download the file below-if response from step 3 was 32bit, pick the 32bit file. If response was 64 bit pick the AMD64 file. (Below)

Click on the appropriate file for your system  

After downloading, install the files completely, when done, move on.

8. Next, download and install the following file below (Click through the installer)

9. Next, download the latest FRC Update Suite. Once it is downloaded press extract all in the top menu.

FRC Update Suite 

As of the end of competition season 2019, v 2.0 is the most updated version. 

10. Step 10 is very important!   Then press setup and run through the serial key is CLICK FOR KEY (ask a web admin for the page password)

11. You are done!

If you have any issues whatsoever please contact me at [email protected] or talk to me at robotics.